Foundation to Activate Children's Empowerment and Spirituality (FACES) Missions Inc. is a Christian children’s organization established to address the growing need of a safe place for children to learn, play and grow. Its first program, established in 1998, was the children’s discipleship ministry.  Then in 2007 Beautiful Beginning School was started. Realizing the need to improve the quality of teachers, in 2019, ELITE (Elevating Leadership Interventions Through Education) Teacher Education and Consultancy Program was launched. 

Reaching Learners Early

Liberia has had situations of overaged learners in classrooms because school facilities are not easily accessible.

Affordable Quality Education

Access to quality basic services is a dream for many in the vulnerable population. Beautiful Beginnings' vision is to make quality educational services something that this population can afford.

Equity In the Classrooms

Beautiful Beginnings School strives to ensure all children are treated fairly regardless of their social statuses.

Collaboration Amongst Schools

Our vision is to ensure that all schools are excelling. Through our Teaching Training Together(TTT) program, school leaders and teachers learn collaborate and share knowledge to improve practice.

Professional Learning Communities

ELITE provides opportunities for in-service teachers and school leaders to continually learn for life. They meet together in small groups, share experience and practice to excel.

Preventing Abuse On the Classrooms

At Beautiful Beginnings School, teachers, school leaders and students are learning about types of abuse, how to identify it, prevent and report it. Training are conducted for staff on sexual harassment, bullying and corporal punishment.

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