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Mr. Dumbai with class

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Team Liberia

A Visit with Ollie White, Founder of Beautiful Beginnings School

Team Liberia

Ollie White and Beautiful Beginnings School


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Building a Growing Community of Learners

In July, 2023, ELITE Teacher Training hosted a conference for teachers and administrators. Structured under the umbrella concept of the value of educators working together and learning from each other,…
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Cross-Cultural Professional Learning Community

Cross-Cultural Professional Learning Community

Purpose: To establish collegial one-on-one professional learning relationships between teachers in Liberia and teachers in the United States for the benefit and growth of teachers and students in both countries.…
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Beautiful Beginnings

U.S. Colleague and Education Specialist, Ms Roberta Reed and her team visited Beautiful Beginnings for the first time in June 2022. The team wanted a first-hand experience of living in Liberia.

They learned a little about the Liberian culture through cultural performances by students. Ms Reed observed classroom teaching and learning and provided feedback. She also had some time to visit with parents at their workstations in the market. Later, Ms Reed made a presentation to teachers and school leaders on gifted children and how to identify and work with them. She did this at the teacher training institution where more than four schools were represented.

The event was highlighted with a sports/soccer event led by Mr Dave Irby and Roy Reed of the Surge soccer.

Fourth grade class