Cross-Cultural Professional Learning Community

Cross-Cultural Professional Learning Community


To establish collegial one-on-one professional learning relationships between teachers in Liberia and teachers in the United States for the benefit and growth of teachers and students in both countries.


Liberian and American teachers have begun their second year of learning together in a Cross-Cultural Professional Learning Community via Zoom. This technology has made possible the sharing of ideas, expertise, and strategies that work for both students and teachers in a way that could not have happened before.

What began in August 2022 as a professional gathering to share ideas, has developed into a community of colleagues who are growing to know and care for each other across two very different cultures.

Last year’s focus was on research-based strategies. This year the group will continue to build on those strategies and focus on how it is impacting student data. The students on both continents are beginning to have opportunities to meet and greet and learn together via Zoom.

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