Building a Growing Community of Learners

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In July, 2023, ELITE Teacher Training hosted a conference for teachers and administrators. Structured under the umbrella concept of the value of educators working together and learning from each other, the conference dove into such topics as:
* lesson planning
* use of instructional strategies that generate student engagement
* questioning as a method to develop deeper understanding
*gradual release of responsibility as a tool to develop independent learners
The participants engaged in three days of action filled learning, and designed how they would use the content as they began the new school year. The energy generated by conversations and planning activities was inspiring!
The conference was led by Ms. Ollie White, Ms. Roberta Reed, and Ms. Patience Suah. Together, they represent 55 years investment in education. Participants received certificates for their course work at the student graduation. Parents and children were proud of their teachers.

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